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"A Greenhouse Resource"
offers greenhouses supplies, including exhaust, cooling, and heating equipment, and other gardening items.

"Adriance Farm & Flower"

offers flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. Also sells dried herbs, tea blends, and decorative gifts.

"Advanta Seeds"

Offers seeds including vegetable, turf, flower and specialty.


high growth, nationally based seed company focused on consolidating the highly fragmented forage and turf industry.

"Agua Viva Seed Ranch"

specializing in wildflower and drought tolerant native perennial seed and live plant stock.

"Agway Home Garden Seed"

Sells a variety of vegetable, perennial, herb and annual seeds.

"Albright Seed Company"

includes information on plant science, turf grass, wildflowers, beneficial fungi, fertilizers, and more.

"Aloha Seed and Herb"

Supplier of hawaiian papaya seeds and a wide variety of herb, vegetable and tree seeds.

"American Meadows"

sells wildflower seeds and mixes. Farm is also open to the public.

"Amiable Ark Seeds"

for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. In both small and large packets.

"Angelgrove Tree Seed Company"

specializes in seeds suitable for the North American climate, including those of shrubs and Japanese ornamental, flowering, and bonsai trees.

"Angelgrove Tree Seeds Company"

Quality tested seeds for a wide range of flowering trees, Japanese trees, shade and native trees.

"ANi Direct"

Supplies seeds including bonsai, herbs, fruit and cacti by mail-order.

"Antonelli Brothers"

begonia gardens and floral design.

"Arenal Botanical Gardens Exotic Seeds"

Sells a range of tropical and exotic seeds.

"Arthur Yates & Co. Limited"

manufacturer and marketer of garden products in Australia and New Zealand.

"Austral Herbs & Seeds"

commercial growers and suppliers of herb seeds, herb teas, dried medicinal and culinary herbs. All grown organically on the Great Dividing Range of Australia.

"Backyard Wildflowers"

sells a wide variety of wilflower seeds and mixes.

"Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds"

Growers and suppliers of non-hybrid seeds.

"Banana Tree, Inc"

worldwide supplier of rare and uncommon tropical seeds and bulbs.

"Barenbrug UK Ltd"

supplier and distributor of grass seeds to the amenity and agriculture sectors.

"Barmah Tobacco Seed Supply"

mail order supplies and tobacco seeds for the home grower.

"Bay Laurel Nursery"

walk-in garden center offering mail-order catalog of bareroot fruit, nut and flowering trees, shrubs, roses and vines.

"Bentley Seeds"

Promotional seed company, specializing in advertising promotions.

"Borghese Gardens"

importing and distributing rare seeds. Offering catalog and mail order services.


Netherlands - offers hemp skin and body products, cacti, herb plants, and more.

"Breckland Nurseries"

mail order suppliers of a wide range of herb, plants and other garden plants.

"Brett Young Seeds Ltd"

grain buyer and seed grower for local and international.

"Bruce Miller Nursery"

Garden center in Richardson, Texas. Includes location, hours, contact information and many gardening tips.

"Bulbs and Flowers"

online shopping for gardening supplies, bulbs, perennials, and seeds.

"Caribbean Seeds"

Sells a range of exotic seeds for herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowering trees.

"Carrabelle Seed Depot"

Sells exotic, rare, unusual and tropical plant seeds.

"Carter Seeds"

supplier of wholesale seeds.

"Caval Seed"

production of vegetable and flower seeds.

"Cloutier Agra Seeds Inc"

exporter and importer of all types of grains.

"Clyde Robin Seed Company"

Over 40 wildflower seed mixes and 33 individual wildflower seeds are in our online seed catalog. Get gardening tips on planting wildflowers or request a free catalog.

"Cobbers Seeds"

providers of herb, vegetable and flower seeds for Australian gardeners.

"Compass Seeds"

specialising in open pollinated seeds from botanic gardens, and commercial and private collectors.

"Comstock, Ferre & Co."

Founded in 1820 as the Wethersfield Seed Company, now a retail garden center and seed distributing company.

"Crosman's Seeds"

provides flower, vegetable and grass seed. Also offers custom-printed packets.

"D. T. Brown & Co. Ltd"

flower and vegetable seed merchants browse or order a catalogue.

"D. T. Brown & Co. Ltd"

flower and vegetable seed merchants browse or order a catalogue.

"DeHaan Farms & Research"

Sells a mix of twenty-five native wildflower seed.

"Dennis' Seven Dees Garden Center and Nursery"

Offer a wide selection of garden plants and ornaments along with expert advice.

"Digital Raingardens"

Offers seeds for a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables, specializing in tropical plants. Information and photos.

"Dollar Seeds"

Sells a range of fruit and vegetable seeds.

"Dominion Seed House"

mail-order horticulture catalog featuring seeds, flowers, annuals, and accessories.

"Douglas-Michel Enterprises"

dedicated to providing butterfly plants and seeds. Specialty is growing perennials that provide nectar for butterflies.

"Dowdeswell's Delphiniums"

includes history and growing information of delphiniums. Offering fresh delphinium seeds worldwide.

"Dutch Faust's Worldwide Exotic Seeds"

Rare, exotic and unusual seeds from around the world.

"Dwyer Greens"

Dwyer Greens is a certified organic greenhouse/nursery/farm located in western Colorado. We specialize in culinary and medicinal herbs and native perennials.

"Early Bird Nursery"

helps in starting paulownia plantations.

"Earthly Goods Wildflower Seed"

Purveyors of wildflower, herb and grass seeds and wildflower seed mixes. Customers can purchase seeds on-line or by mail. Free catalog available. Web site contains numerous photos, planting instructions and plant descriptions.

"Eastern Native Seed Conservancy"

Offers heirloom seeds and plants from the northeast US area.

"Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site"

Specializes in seeds for short seasons and cool climates.

"Eden Organic Nursery Services, Inc."

A large selection of seeds for medicinal plants and herbs, tobaccos, houseplants, container and heirloom vegetables, hot peppers.


Mailorder store for ethnobotanicals like seeds, plants, sproreprints, teas and incense from around the world.

"Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery"

Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery, located on the Monterey Bay on the central coast of California, grows native plants for restoration and landscaping.

"Ernst Conservation Seeds"

wholesaler of wetland, upland, woodland, and wildflower seeds.

"ESP Seeds"

A wholesale bulk wildflower seed, wildflower seed mixtures, reliable easy-care garden flower seed and herb seed since 1974.

"Exhibition Seeds"

vegetable and herb seeds in bulk and for the gardener.

"Fairbanks Selected Seed Company Pty Ltd"

seed wholesalers and retailers with an office in the Fresh Centre in Melbourne and agents Australia wide.

"Ferry-Morse Seed Company"

Offers a wide range of flower, herb, vegetable and lawn seeds.

"Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed"

Offers native grass, tree, shrub and wildflower seeds from the Colorado plateau.

"Flower Art and Soul"

Offers bulk flower seeds at wholesale prices, hard to find flower seeds and native grasses.

"Fragrant Garden Nursery"

On the Website there are complete growing tips, with photos from our own Sweet Pea Patch. Our catalog is also available, but does not have many pictures.

"Franchi Sementi Seeds"

Seeds of Italy are distributors for Franchi Sementi, founded in 1783 by the current owner's great great great grandfather who would sell his seeds from his horse-drawn cart in the local market.

"Fred's Rhody and Azalea Seeds"

deciduous azaleas, rhododendron hybrids, Yak hybrids, and rhododendron and azalea species from the Pacific Northwest.

"Freshwater Farms"

Retail and wholesale native seeds from California.

"Garden Creations"

supplies from the ordinary, like tools and seeds to the unique, like rotating scarecrows and weathervanes.

"Garden Path Nursery"

Catalog for perennial, herb and flower seeds.

"Garden Trails"

Sells a selection of seeds, promotional seeds and custom seed packet printing.


offers unusual and hard-to-find flower seeds.

"George Burlingham And Sons Ltd."

seed testing.

"Germania Seed Company"

specializing in high quality flower (perennial and annual) and vegetable seeds, plants and plugs.

"Glacial Ginseng Co."

grower and seed dealer.

"Global Seeds"

Retailer of herb, flower and vegetable seeds.

"Gnostic Garden"

suppliers of entheobotanical seeds, plants and spores.

"Goldsmith Seeds"

flower seed breeder.

"Gourmet Gardener, The"

hard-to-find herbs, vegetables and edible flowers from around the world selected for the best flavor. Also including special gifts and books.

"Graham Turf Seeds Limited"

supplying Canadian consumers of grass seed with various turf products.

"Grass Seeds"

Offers lawn grass seed and information on growing a new lawn from grass seed.


Offers a large selection of exotic and tropical seeds.

"Grow Seeds"

Offers a range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds from many suppliers and information on how to successfully grow them.

"Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company"

offering catalog and online ordering.

"Heirloom Seeds"

old fashioned, open-pollinated vegetable, flower and herb seeds. Also free tips and questions answered on the site.

"Henry Fields Seed & Nursery Co."

Sells seeds, perennials, live vegetable plants and trees.

"Heyne Custom Seed Services"

includes wildflower cultural information, pictures, and relevant links.

"Hirt's Greenhouse and Flowers"

offers seeds, bulbs, tools, and more.

"Holland Wildflower Farm"

grows/sells flowers and seeds, specializing in, but by no means limited to, native flowers of the Ozark area.

"Hollandia Greenhouses Ltd."

growing and selling Poinsettas, Gerbera cut flowers, and a line of potted Gerberas called Shogun, seeds available.

"International Seed Technology B.V."

corporate headquarters of custom agricultural and horticultural seed coating, pelleting and enhancement systems with 10 world locations.

"Ion Exchange"

offers native Midwest seeds and plants.

"J.W. Jung Seed Company"

Offers seeds, bulbs, root stock, and trees.

"Johnny's Selected Seeds"

offers vegetable seeds, medicinal and culinary herb seeds, and flower seeds to the wholesale and retail market.

"Katzi's Exotic Blossoms, Inc."

Specilizing in Plumeria and Orchids.

"Kingpalm Palm Seeds"

Sells a range of palm tree seeds.

"Larner Seeds"

sells native California seeds and plants. Also sells the book Gardening with a Wild Heart by Judith Larner Lowry.

"Ledden Brothers Seeds"

flower and vegetable seed mail order business.

"Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources"

sells herbs, herbal products, oils, and rare ethnobotanical seeds and plants.

"Lehle Seeds"

commercial producer of Arabidopsis seeds, plus links to Arabidopsis sites.

"Local Favorites Seed"

Sells popular varieties of open pollinated seeds.

"Lonestar Seed Company"

flower and vegetable seeds for gardeners, landscapers, and greenhouses.

"Magic Flower Seeds"

Sells a variety of annual seeds.

"Mail Order Flower Seeds"

Sells annual, perennial and biennial seeds.

"Mail Order Lawn Seed"

sells lawn and grass seed, and wildflower mixes.

"Mail Order Seeds"

Ever wanted to grow banana trees, palms or cactus, and have them survive cold winters outdoors? Come visit our most unusual mail order seed store where we specialize in the most cold hardy tropical plants that are easy to grow from seeds.

"McKenzie Seeds"

offers selection of annual, perennials, vegetable, lawn, herb, and garlic seeds.

"Modern Forage Systems, Inc."

learn about improved forage grasses and buy seed direct.

"Moringa oleifera"

Order seeds for the Moringa oleifara and get free information on its usage.

"Morning Glory Seed Company"

Offers morning glory seeds specializing in "Heavenly Blue" variety.

"Munchkin Nursery"

Woodland plants, rare and unusual perennials in Indiana.

"Native American Seed"

wildflower and prairie grass seeds.

"Nestlebrae Exotics Seed Catalogue"

Sells exotic fruit seed, as well as rare and unusual perennial flowers.

"Net Seeds"

Offders new millennium seed corn and soybean seed.

"New England Seed Company"

Sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds.

"New Gippsland Seed Farm"

supplying vegetable and flower seed for the home gardener. Mail order specialist based in Silvan, Victoria.

"New Zealand Tree Seeds"

supply a full range of New Zealand native and exotic tree and shrub seeds.

"Nickys Wild Flower and Herb Seeds"

Offers wildflower and herb seeds.

"Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds"

Sells non-hybrid garden seeds. Specialize in preparing non-hybrid vegetable seeds for long-term storage.

"Oak Prairie Farm"

provides quality native wildflower seeds and plants for natural landscaping, home gardening, and restorations. Consultation, installation, and management services also offered.


specializing in flower (annual and perennial) and vegetable seeds.

"Oregon Exotics Nursery"

offering a collection of unusual fruit, nut, and vegetable seeds from Asia, Africa, and South and Central America.

"Owl s Acre Sweet Peas"

professional quality sweet pea seed for exhibition and garden.

"Pacific Coast Tropical Gardens"

retailer of seeds of subtropical and tropical ornamentals, fruits, herbs, palms, rare and unusual species; and related books.

"PanAmerican Seed"

selling Wave brand petunia seeds.

"Papa J's Home Grown Shamrocks"

I've grown shamrocks from seeds for years. They are hardy and very easy to care for. You too can experience the pleasure of watching them grow and bloom small white flowers.

"Park Seed"

family-owned plant and seed company.


selling wholesale and retail passion flower seeds and exotic plants.

"Pennington Seed"

includes lawn and forage seed.

"Peruvian Journey"

ethnobotanical shop selling seeds for plants of ancient religious, shaministic value.

"Pickseed Canada"

range includes corn, forage, turf, and lawn seeds.

"Pinetree Garden Seeds"

provides home gardeners with seeds in appropriately sized packages.

"Pinewoods Nursery"

For all your landscaping needs including: trees, srubs, flowers, lawn furniture, pet supplies, pool and pond supplies, and more. Visit us on Don Mackey Blvd in Marsh Harbour.

"Plant World Seeds"

Sells seeds of hard to find plants from around the world.

"Prairie Frontier"

wildflower and prairie grass seeds by mail, along with pictures and planting information.

"Prairie Nursery"

offers plants and seeds for ecological gardening and natural landscaping, as well as providing natural landscaping consulting services.

"Premium Seed Company"

offering a complete line of turf and forage seed products.

"Pure Land Ethnobotanicals"

specializes in salvia divinorum, offers rare seeds, herbs, and extracts.

"Red Barn Greenhouse, Centreville, MI"

Your Grower Direct source for Perennials, Hardy Mums, and Annuals.

"Redbud Farms"

seed vendors and growers zinnias.

"Redwood City Seed Company"

alternative seed company lists rare and endangered vegetables and specializes in hot peppers and herbs.

"Reimer Seeds"

sells varieties of vegetable seeds for home gardens.

"Renee's Garden Seeds"

offers flower, vegetable and herb seeds in colorful packets with growing tips and harvesting information.

"Richters Herbs"

plants and seeds shipped worldwide to home gardeners and commercial herb growers; free color catalog.

"Robberson Seed Farms"

Sells wildflower and grass seeds along with custom mixing of seeds.

"Rocky Mountain Rare Plants"

offering seeds for alpine plants.

"Round Butte Seed Growers"

Sells different varieties of individual wildflower, flower mixes, grass and bird seed.

"S&S Seeds"

wholesale seeds for wildflowers, grasses and native California plants.

"Sage Garden Herbs"

prairie specialists in potted herbs, and seeds, offered retail, wholesale, and by mail order.

"Sakata Seeds America, Inc."

wholesale distributor of flower and vegetable seeds.


offers herb, vegetable, flower seeds, and more.

"Seed and Grain Technologies"

commercial sprouters and machines for the germination of sprouts. Seeds for sprouting. Information on health benefits.

"Seed-Trade Holland"

offers flower and vegetable seeds.

"Seeds Blum"

Offers a range of heirloom seeds for home gardeners.

"Seeds by Size"

seeds, commercial gene bank, vegetables, herbs and more.

"Seeds of Change"

offering certified organic seeds, plants and foods.

"Seeds of Italy"

Grow your own Italian ingredients, herbs or flowers with Franchi seeds.

"Seeds Trust, Inc."

bio-regional seed company. Online ordering available.

"Seeds Unique"

Here at Seeds Unique, we want to be your source for seeds.

"Select Seeds Antique Flowers"

offers rare, old-fashioned flower varieties as well as starter plants, flowering vines, and more.

"Semillas Zulueta, S.A."

native and wild seeds, and plants for revegetation, reclamation, environment, management and erosion control.

"Shaman Australis Ethnobotanicals"

offering ethnobotanicals from Australia and the world, specializing in rare and endangered plants. Includes seeds of the Mitragyna speciosa, Yohimbe, Ephedra, Pituri, and more.

"Sharp Brothers Seed Company"

specializing in native wildflowers, native grass seed, and mixtures for landscaping projects, conservation, preservation.

"Sheffield's Seed Company, Inc."

suppliers of woody and herbaceous seed for nursery, landscape, gardening, and medicinal use.

"Shepherd's Garden Seeds"

includes catalog, newsletter, and recipes.

"Silk Tree"

Robert Fortune Nurseries - Sells a range of palms, cycads, and exotic plant seeds.

"Silver Falls Seed Company"

We have top quality wildflower and lawn seed for your lawn and garden needs. We are based in Silverton, Oregon- Home of the Oregon Gardens.

"Southwest Ethnobotanicals"

Supplier of exotic seeds, cactus cuttings, and cactus sprites.

"Sow Organic Seed Co"

offers varieties of certified organic, open pollinated (many heirloom) garden seeds.

"Specialty Perennials"

hardy perennials and seeds, including fact sheets on the plants available.

"Stock Seed Farms"

Growers of Wildflowers and Prairiegrasses.

"Sunmark Seeds International"

information and specifications for wildflowers, native grasses, turf, prairie and specialty seeds.

"Sunrise Nursery"

cacti and succulents available in person or via mail order.

"Synergy Seeds"

Suppliers of strong varieties of garden vegetables, herbs and flowers which have a high production level.

"Tea Herb Farm"

seeds, organic produce, and herbs.

"Teakettle Enterprises Ltd."

wholesale grower and distributor of ornamental plant seeds. Large selection of palms.

"Tender Seed Company"

seed packet favors for weddings, baby showers, business promotionals, as well as for home and garden use

"Tender Seed Company"

Hand picked, naturally processed fresh seeds. Annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, grown in the Northwest.

"Territorial Seed Company"

vegetable, flower and herb seeds available to the home gardener and to commercial growers; software, CDs and videos related to gardening.

"The English Garden Emporium"

Importers of English gardening seeds.

"The Great Basin Seed Company"

Offers seeds of plants adapted to the desert.

"The Prairie Is My Garden, Seed Company"

specializing in providing native wildflower and prairie grass seed, suitable for USDA growing zones 2-5.

"The Sprout People"

Organic sprout and sprouting seed source for alfalfa, broccoli, beans and grass seeds.

"The Victory Seed Company"

Offers open pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Gardening information and secure online order system.

"Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers & Native Plants"

A nonprofit retail nursery offering California native plants and seeds.

"Thomas Etty Esq."

seedman and bulb merchant.

"Thompson & Morgan Ltd"

offerings include flower, vegetable, and herb seeds, as well as young plants.

"Thyme Garden"

organically produced seeds, plants, dried herbs, seasonings, and tea blends.

"Trelay Seed Company"

supplying the midwest with seed corn, alfalfa, small grain, pasture mixes and more.

"Turf-Seed, Inc."

Family-owned company committed to researching, developing and marketing certified turfgrass varieties and wildflowers.

"Underwood Gardens"

specializing in rare, heirloom seeds for unusual vegetables, herbs and flowers, hard-to-find varieties, antique apples, and more.

"Venus Flytraps"

online store selling novelty products from nature including Venus Flytrap seeds and plants, Silkworms, giant vegetables and more.

"Vesey's Seeds Ltd."

specialize in seeds for short seasons.

"Victory Seed Company"

family owned and operated packet seed company specializing in non-hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

"Virtual Seeds"

for garden, home and farm.

"Weslyn Herb Farm"

offers herbs, scented geraniums, and hot peppers.

"Wildflower Seed Company"

an assortment of wildflower seed mixtures, as well as bocce balls, and grape shears.

"Wildseed Farms"

wildflower growers' guide and seed catalog.

"Wildseed Tasmania"

collectors and distributors of wild native Tasmanian seeds with worldwide delivery.

"Williams Lawn Seed Inc."

turfgrass, wildflower, and native grass seed, as well as turf fertilizer.


offers vegetable, flower and herb seeds from the USA, UK and Italy.

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