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"Oxygen Pot Systems"
Horticultural Supplies and Hydroponic Manufacturing Company

"Abby s Indoor Gardener"

sales & service in hydroponics, ponds, fountains, water gardens, landscaping, videos, books, and more.

"ACI Hydroponics"

maufacturer of hydroponic gardens and indoor gardening equipment. Designed for home hobby educational and commercial applications.


specialists in hydroponic growing equipment and horticultural lighting.

"Aeroponics International"

aeroponic systems and bio-control technology for researchers, educators, greenhouses, growrooms, and gardeners.

"Agri-Cool Liquid Lighting"

liquid lighting system for hydroponic and indoor gardening operations.

"Airline Hydroponics"

offering lighting supplies, hydroponic systems, greenhouses, and more.

"Alternative Garden Supply, Inc."

hydroponic, indoor gardening products, irrigation supplies, etc.

"American Hydroponics"

manufactures and sells hydroponic gardening supplies for hobby and commercial growers worldwide, promoting clean water and recycling resources.


manufacturer of hydroponic and aeroponic indoor or outdoor soilless growing systems.

"Atlantis Hydroponics"

suppliers of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, accessories, complete systems, and lighting.

"B.C. Hydroponics"

offers lighting, hydroponic nutrients, systems, irrigation products and more. Online shopping.

"Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply"

offers hydroponic and organic gardening supplies, garden center supplies, books and more.

"Brite Lite Group"

indoor gardening specialists offering hydroponic systems, lighting, nutrients, environmental controls, books and more.

"Casper Publications"

bi-monthly magazine dedicated to hydroponic/soil-less culture and protected cropping techniques.

"Coastal Grower Supplies"

providing the aggressive gardener with the latest hydroponic gardening products and services.

"Custom Automated Products"

specializing in automated environmental controls for the indoor and outdoor hydroponics grower. Links to other sites.

"Discount Garden Supply"

sells and services halides and hydroponics.

"Eco Enterprises"

supplier of hydroponic nutrients and supplies, and aquaculture products.

"Equinox Nursery"

specializing in hydroponics, water gardening, fountains and more.

"Esoteric Hydroponics"

offers hydroponic advice, books, kits, lights, nutrients, fans, and meters.

"Four Seasons Flower and Garden Center"

indoor garden and hydroponics store.


lights, supplies, automated garden equipment, and more, for the hydroponic culture. Download the book How to Hydroponic.

"General Hydroponics"

manufacturer of hydroponic equipment and supplies, selling through dealers worldwide

"Girotto Technology"

design, development and manufacture commercial microprocessor control systems for hydroponics.

"Granite Hydroponics"

offers aeroponic and hydroponic gardening supplies for hobby and commercial growers.

"Green Air Products"

manufactures a line of horticultural, atmospheric and nutrient control systems for both the hobbyist and the small-scale greenhouse grower.

"Green and Growing Hydroponic Garden Center Ltd"

Sells hydroponic equipment including ozonators.

"Green Thumb Gardening Hydroponics"

offers a wide variety of hydroponic systems, accessories, and nutrients.

"Green Thumb Lighting & Garden Supply -"

indoor garden supplies including lighting, books and more. On-line shopping.

"Greenfield s"

sells hydroponics and indoor garden equipment.

"Greentrees Hydroponics"

manufacturer and retailer of grow lights and the Multi Flow hydroponic system. We specialize in hobby size systems for the home growers.

"Grow Store"

offers lights, growing systems, nutrients, and more for gardeners. Online shopping.

"Grow Tech Hydroponics"

offers free plans for do-it-yourselfers and custom systems, kits, and parts for sale.

"Growco Indoor Garden Supply"

offers hydoponics supplies and systems.


accessories available for hydroponic and aeroponics growing methods; complete GrowKits, lighting, bulbs, etc.

"Halls n Herbs Hydroponics"

offers advice and products, including fans, nutrients, hormones, growing mediums, insecticides, and lighting.

"Harvest Moon Hydroponics"

specializing in hydroponics, greenhouses, artifical lighting, biodiversity, and new plant varieties. Also, specializing in fertilizer, environmental controls.

"Harvest Springs Horticultural, Inc."

designs, builds, and delivers complete aquaponic/aeroponic systems.

"Home Greenhouse Supplies Ltd."

supplies for hydroponics, greenhouses, and water treatment.

"Home Harvest Garden Supply, Inc."

online ordering for hydroponics, greenhouses, irrigation and organics supplies.

"Homegrown Hydroponics"

retailer and wholesaler with authorized distributors across Canada.

"Horizen Hydroponics"

Horizen Hydroponics specializes in hydroponic equipment, indoor gardening, and organic fertilizers. Ask us anything we can not be stumped.


source for hydroponic gardening, organic gardening and fountains.

"Hydrofarm, Inc."

manufacturer of greenhouse lighting systems, both high intensity and fluorescent lighting suitable for commercial greenhouse, research, growers.


the range of products and services include nutrients, technical information and backup, design and installation of \nhydroponic systems, and more.

"Hydroponics Warehouse"

provides you with up to date information about hydroponics and indoor gardening. The site also promotes a small range of high quality hydroponic systems.

"Indoor Garden and Lighting"

solutions for hydroponics: indoor garden & lighting.

"Jon s Plant Factory"

Hydroponics supplies and lighting equipment for the indoor gardener; offer products and techniques for hobbyists and pros.

"Kit Masters"

manufacturer and supplier of pipe clips, greenhouses, rain shelters, hydroponics kits, and accessories.

"Life Circle Hydroponics"

sells kits, supplies, and parts including medium, lights and bulbs, seeds, as well as technical assistance and testing.

"Light Manufacturing Company"

products include grow lights, hydroponic systems, and plant nutrients.


product and ordering information for hydroponic planters.

"North American Hydroponics"

builders of homegrown hydroponics systems. Online order.

"Nutriflo Hydroponics Systems"

suppliers of hydroponic, greenhouse and growroom equipment, garden kits, and horticultural lighting for indoors and outdoors.

"Pipe Dreams Hydroponics"

includes bulletin board, picture index, glossary, and more.

"Plant It Earth"

specializes in indoor gardening, selling a complete line of grow lights, hydroponic systems and supplies, organic soils, amendments, natural pest control.


can be added to any existing hydroponic setup for superior growth in every possible way. Systems to suit hobby growers to commercial growers.

"R & D Aquaponics"

specialize in servicing both the commercial and hobby markets in the hydroponics industry. Newsletters.

"Rambridge Wholesale Supply"

quality products for your garden, hydroponic or hydroculture industry. Also carry a selection of organic gardening products.

"Rolling Hills Growing"

Applying new ideas to old problems to produce fantastic growth yields

"Sea of Green"

modular, user friendly gardening systems for the hobbyist, small family gardens, research and education, as well as the commercial grower.

"Seed and Grain Technologies"

commercial sprouters and machines for the germination of sprouts. Seeds for sprouting. Information on health benefits.

"SimpleGrow Hydroponics"

range of hydroponic supplies available online.

"The Cultivation Station"

offers indoor and outdoor gardening supplies. Also specializes in hydroponic growing products. Online catalog.

"The Grow Room"

specializing in hydroponics, HID lighting, nutrients, indoor grows systems, environmental controls and greenhouse design.

"Urban Farming Source Book"

retailer offers garden and beer making supplies. Includes hydroponics, organics, grow lights, natural pest control, and home brewing equipment.

"Watercircle Hydroponics Pte Ltd"

aquaponics and hydroponics farm and equipment manufacturer.

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