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"Can-O-Worms Alaska"
sells worm composting kits and educational kits. Will also do classroom presentations.


offers lawn care, compost bins, vermiculture systems, digesters, and related supplies.

"D&P Industries, Inc."

makes and sells the Urban Compost Tumbler which features a core aeration system.


composter plans available with easy to find parts and step by step instructions.

"Gardener's Supply Company"

catalog of gardening tools and supplies including composters, seed starting equipment, greenhouses, fertilizers, and more.

"Gedye Ponds & Pumps"

manufacturer of compost bins and supplier of garden ponds, pumps, water lillies.

"Happy D Ranch Worm Farm"

offers vericompost bins, worms, and associated products.

"Jimmy s Worms"

sells worms, vermicomposting bins, and related products.

"Kazarie Worm Farm"

redworms Esinia foetida, Worm food and food supliments sold mail order in the US.

"Magic Worm Ranch"

nonprofit supplier of composting worms, starter worm farms, books, and other vermiculture products.


makers of Mantis lightweight tillers, blowers, Spraymate sprayers, and other power garden equipment.


coverage of apartment scale vermicomposting.

"Master Composter"

find info on local programs or demo sites, products, how to information, a glossary and reference of organic materials.

"Meadow Cottage Worms"

specialists in worm farming: live worms and composting products.

"Morgan Scientific, Inc"

manufactures instruments for analyzing compost conditions, and human pulmonary functions.

"Natural Gardening Company"

organic seed and seedling nursery and retail store specializing in tomatoes.

"Planet Natural"

mail order catalog that offers natural products for the home, lawn, and garden.

"Rainbow Worm Farm"

selling worms, castings and equipment for raising/harvesting them.

"Recycle Works Ltd"

composting equipment. Mail order available.

"Squirmy Wormz Farm"

information on reducing landfills by composting organic waste using worms. Purchase worms, the hanging Swag, and books.

"Steve s Earth Engine"

offers single and twin-bin cedar compost units for the garden.

"The Worm Wigwam"

vermicomposting system designed for the price conscious gardener who would like to transform kitchen and garden waste into the finest soil amendment.

"Three Trees Farm"

offers worms, castings and vermiculture accessories.

"Uncle Jim s Worm Farm"

offering worms for composting, worm containers, worm feed, beddibg.


website for buying worms, worm bins, worm-related products, and to learn more about vermicomposting and vermiculture.

"Vermitechnology Unlimited"

providing worms, worm castings, bins, and other supplies.

"Worm Woman s Web Site"

give worm composting a try: here you can find books, videos, worm bins, worms, or more.

"Worm World"

grower and seller of redworms for vermicomposting, composting units, and fishing bait.


offering a variety of worm composting systems.

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