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provides highly concentrated, organic fertiliser.

"Actagro Plant Nutrients"

organic acid, fertilizers, micronutrients, and plant stimulants for crop production.


an absorbent soil conditioner and natural fertilzer made from kelp extracts.

"AG/Response Ohio Inc."

distributors of organic fertilizer for flowers and rose gardens.

"Agrium Inc."

producer and marketer of fertilizers and related products and services worldwide.

"Alaska Fish Fertilizer"

offers Alaska fertilizer and WaterWand products and tips on using fish fertilizer for organic and natural gardening purposes.

"Alroc Mineral Fertiliser"

a blend of crushed volcanic rocks can increase soil vitality and build correct soil structure.

"Ambrose Worm Products"

selling earthworms and earthworm castings.

"American Kelp Corporation"

specializing in kelp based organic products including soil amendments, foliars, and potting soil activator. Also offers kelp meal for animals.

"Arizona Aquatic Gardens"

importing, growing and selling aquatic and tropical plants.

"Arthur Yates & Co. Limited"

manufacturer and marketer of garden products in Australia and New Zealand.

"Asia Pacific Resources Ltd."

developing the strategically located Udon Thani Potash Concession in northeastern Thailand.

"AsiaGreen Environmental Sdn. Bhd."

manufactures bio-organic compost, specially blended using mainly pure agricultural residue, composted at high temperatures.

"Atlantis Hydroponics"

suppliers of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, accessories, complete systems, and lighting.

"Australian Flourish Pty"

offering Flourish, a treatment/preservative which enhances cut flowers, for consumer and trade use.

"B.C. Hydroponics"

offers lighting, hydroponic nutrients, systems, irrigation products and more. Online shopping.

"Bearville Manure Tea"

Manure Tea from organically fed sheep, prepackaged in convenient 'tea' bags and shipped to your door.

"Betta Farms & Gardens"

produce the Excel Crop range of organic fish and kelp fertilisers for home gardeners and commercial users.


recovers and sells marine fish by-products from the portion of the commercial harvest not used for human consumption.

"Biokompost Sachsen"

offering natural fertilizers and composts. Includes comparisons between competing fertilizers, explanation of production, and contact information.

"Bioplasma Australia Pty. Ltd."

produces organic plant foods - fertilizers.

"BMK Bonsai"

Here at BMK Bonsai you will find a number of interesting things if you have an interest in bonsai.

"Bradfield Natural Fertilizers"

offers alfalfa-based natural fertilizers for lawns, farms, vegetable and flower gardens, golf courses, and commercial landscapes. OMRI listed.

"C-I-L Lawn and Garden Products"

provides a range of fertilizers and pest/weed controls. Offers a problem and solution centre and a gardening tips newsletter.

"California Carnivores"

devoted to helping you grow some of the most beautiful and unusual plants in nature.

"Can Grow Inc."

independently owned fluid fertilizer facility in South Western Ontario. Dealer of Norwesco and Banjo parts and \nfittings.

"Cascade Valley Farms"

flower bulbs by mail - lilies, tulips and more. Online catalog featuring flowers, books, accessories and gifts for gardeners and flower-lovers.

"Circle One Organic Fertilizers"

Manufacturer of natural and organic fertilizers, biological insecticides, seaweed, fish emulsion, and humic acids for agricolture, home and garden.

"Coconest Corporation"

natural fertilizer and horticultural products.

"Common Sense Landscape & Garden Care"

Offering a common sense, step by step plan to a healthy lawn & garden w/o resorting to hazardous chemicals & pesticides.

"Creekside Gardens"

growers of certified organic ornamental landscaping plants including perennials, shrubs, grasses also offers organic fertilizers, compost worms and castings.

"Crystal River Orchid Supplies"

products include baskets, pots, fertilizers, and more.

"Easy Gardener"

offers landscape fabrics, plant care products, and lawn edging.

"Eco Enterprises"

supplier of hydroponic nutrients and supplies, and aquaculture products.


fertilizer made from shrimp and crab shells.

"Equinox Nursery"

specializing in hydroponics, water gardening, fountains and more.


products formulated using complex blends of the finest organic ingredients available.

"Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc."

offers organic humic products and fertilizers.

"Fernz Agrow"

supplier of bulk fertilser raw materials, specialty products and blending equipment.

"Fertico Fertilisers"

manufacturers and suppliers of organic fertilisers, mineral fertilisers, and organic based fertilisers.

"Fertile Garden"

Fertile Garden Supply has sold organic garden supplies since 1988. Product line includes fertilizer, insecticides, beneficial insects, fungicides, animal repellants, books, and tools.


for stronger and healthier plants.

"Fork and Spade"

Fork and Spade offers a complete selection of bareroot roses and fruit trees available by catalog, as well beautiful, unique garden ornaments, garden supplies and gardening tools.


lights, supplies, automated garden equipment, and more, for the hydroponic culture. Download the book How to Hydroponic.

"G&B Orchid Laboratory & Nursery, Inc."

orchid catalog of tissue culture, chemicals, hormones, glassware, laboratory equipment, HEPA, orchid plants, Mexican and Ecuadorian species, growing and laboratory procedures.

"Gardener's Supply Company"

catalog of gardening tools and supplies including composters, seed starting equipment, greenhouses, fertilizers, and more.


supplier of Actinovate products, a soil microorganism available in home garden as well as professional formulations.

"Genesis Organic Inc."

manufactures premium organic compost as its main product. The compost process uses soft wood chips and fish remains to produce top quality compost.

"Glacier Gold Compost"

a waste resource management plant producing organic compost that is being provided to the nursery, garden center and landscape industry.

"Glowcroft Ltd"

water storing polymers and fertilisers.


certified organic soil amendments for every level of grower. On-line shopping.

"Green Thumb Gardening Hydroponics"

offers a wide variety of hydroponic systems, accessories, and nutrients.

"Greener Pastures"

organic based lawn care as well as manufacturer of a line of feed grade organic fertilizers, weed controls, and pond treatments.

"Greenfield s"

sells hydroponics and indoor garden equipment.

"Greenvale Farms Ltd"

offers organic manuare fertilizers in pellet form.

"Grow Stuff Plus"

Serious organic plant nutrients and natural fertilizers for serious growers. Selection of all natural, organic pesticides, mycorrhizae, gro-bricks, bat guano and fish fertilizers.

"Growco Indoor Garden Supply"

offers hydoponics supplies and systems.


offers concentrated and oven-heated fertilizer products.


concentrated and oven-heated fertilizer by Organico Limited.

"Harvest Moon Hydroponics"

specializing in hydroponics, greenhouses, artifical lighting, biodiversity, and new plant varieties. Also, specializing in fertilizer, environmental controls.


offering base and coated fertilizer products.


specializes in natural and organic garden supplies.

"Huber Ranch Sod Nursery"

offering bluegrass and bentgrass sod, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and other supplies.


manufacturer and distributor of its humate based nutrients for plants and animals. Shopping online available.


the range of products and services include nutrients, technical information and backup, design and installation of \nhydroponic systems, and more.

"Incitec Fertilizers"

suppliers offering horticultural blends, soluble fertilizers, grain, cotton blends, sugar cane, granulock, all crops and pasture fertilizers.

"John Hatcher & Co Ltd"

suppliers of Quality Fertilisers in the UK. Fibrophos phosphate and potash fertilisers with secondary and trace elements.

"JRP International, Inc."

manufacturing Nutri-Pak controlled release fertilizer packets. Online store.

"Katzi's Exotic Blossoms, Inc."

Specilizing in Plumeria and Orchids.

"King Guano Company"

offers organic bat guano fertilizer that is an excellent plant food, available to buy online.

"Kirshner Landscapes and Nurseries"

Hardy shrubs and perennials for landscaping and home gardens. A source for varieties of heather, Golden Bamboo and garden supplies. Seasonal gardening tips, too.

"Kunn Rekon Holdings"

manufactures organic fertilizers. Detailed products information and organic fartilizers.


alternative to chemical fertilizers, since it is virtually odor-free and so it can be used on houseplants.

"McClure & Zimmerman"

offers tulips, daffodils, and fall flowering bulbs.

"Meadow Cottage Worms"

specialists in worm farming: live worms and composting products.

"Midwest Arborist Supplies"

source for tree care and pruning supplies, including fertilizer, climbing equipment, micro-injection, cabling and bracing, and anti-transpirants.


organic fertilizer processed from recycled matter.

"Mr. Tomato Ltd."

garden tips and products that promote early growth of tomatoes, healthy houseplants, begonias, and more.

"N-Viro Products, Inc."

sells organic fertilizer and cattle feed supplements. Custom blends to meet particular needs are available.

"Natural Organic Products International, Inc."

creates environmentally friendly plant fertilizers and pest control products.

"Neptune's Harvest"

offers organic fertilizers made from fish and other sea products for home gardeners and farmers.

"Nu-Gro Corporation"

supplier of fertilizer, pest control and horticultural products to the Lawn & Garden and Professional markets.

"Nutri-Tech Solutions"

devoted to solving problems by harnessing new technology to improve crop and soil nutrition.

"Optimum Yield, Inc."

offers a product line of fertilizers that increase yield while arresting the contamination of soil.

"Organic Products"

includes tips and how to, newsletter, links ands news.

"Pecos Agricultural Corporation"

offers four brands of all organic garden fertilizers.

"Pinewoods Nursery"

For all your landscaping needs including: trees, srubs, flowers, lawn furniture, pet supplies, pool and pond supplies, and more. Visit us on Don Mackey Blvd in Marsh Harbour.

"Planet Natural"

mail order catalog that offers natural products for the home, lawn, and garden.

"Planters II"

offers natural minerals for agriculture and home gardening.

"Renaissance Fertilizers, Inc."

makers of all natural, organic nitrogen and soybean based fertilizers.


offers plant growth formula.

"Spalthoff's Master Gardener Products"

offering lawn seed, vegetable cages, and gardening supplies.

"Stokes Tropicals"

online catalog can be used as both an identification guide and a resource manual for tropical plants like gingers, heliconias, plumerias, bananas, and bromeliads.

"Terra Viva Organics"

site includes organic growing advice, organic fertilizers, natural pest controls, weekly tips, feature products, and a monthly newsletter.

"Terra-Firma Biotechnologies S Pte Ltd"

specializes in converting organic wastes into fertilisers using earthworms. Franchising opportunities available.

"The Cultivation Station"

offers indoor and outdoor gardening supplies. Also specializes in hydroponic growing products. Online catalog.

"The Environmental Factor"

offers environmentally friendly products and services, specializing in chemical free lawn care, insect, and weed control, available through mail order.

"The Organic House"

offers organic soil sweetner. On-line ordering available.

"Totally Organic Product Suppy"

featuring Suppressa and PROrganic natural fertilizers.

"Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery"

mail order bamboo specialists: plants, books and hardware.


manufacturers and wholesale distributers of garden products and horticultural supplies, including tropical and organic fertilisers.

"U-Mate International Inc."

producers of organic fertilizers for farming and gardening. Encourage \nand support the active use of organic compounds.

"Vermont Garden Shed"

hand tools, gloves, bird feeders, books, drip irrigation systems, and home accents for the home gardener.

"Vigoro Canada, Inc."

supplier of fertilizer for lawn and garden use.


produce fish & seaweed based fertilisers, stockfeed supplements and biological soil activators from fish and kelp harvested from the clean Southern Ocean.

"Whitney Farms"

sells organic gardening products that are carefully hand-crafted.

"Williams Lawn Seed Inc."

turfgrass, wildflower, and native grass seed, as well as turf fertilizer.


you can search our gardening products for products by area of use, pest, ingredients or by name.

"Wooden Shoe Bulb Company"

offers tulips, daffodils, cut flowers and more.


lawn and garden products, advice, and classified ads.


source for lawn care, gardening, barbecues, gas grills, and snow removal products.

"Yokozuna Technologies"

manufacture and sell organic fertilizers as well as pest control products.

"Yum Yum Mix"

feeds the soil that feeds your plants.

"ZooDoo Compost Company, Inc."

zoo animal waste for jokes, gag gifts, and the serious gardener.

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