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"Garden Design It Yourself"
Garden design is made easy with my practical tips and techniques to help you create your own dream garden to enjoy. Easy step by step guide.

"Andy Wasowski"

offering garden presentations, and author of several books on gardening and the environment.

"Arid Zone Trees"

trees that are appropriate to the desert southwest.

"Australian Native Hibiscus"

this site is all about Australian Native Hibiscus including Alyogynes.

"Australian Native Plant Nursery"

Information about nurseries and native plants with sources for the supply of Australian natives.

"Benicia Garden & Nursery"

offers gifts, environmentally friendly pest controls, medicinal, ornamental, and culinary herbs, water gardens, and more.

"Berkshire Botanical Garden, The"

fifteen acres of gardens, including herbs, vegetables, roses, a pond garden, and a woodland trail.

"Biodynamic Preparations"

Rudolph Steiner s intentions concerning \nagriculture are exemplified in his Biodynamic preparations.

"Blooming Bulb, Co."

bloomingbulb.com was formed to market top quality flower bulbs, perennial plants and other horticultural products exclusively over the internet, at the most economical prices for the consumer.

"BullDog Metals"

maker of the Super Star Weed Cutter, a garden tool with a star shaped head and serrated cutting blades.

"C.Z. Guest Gardening Site"

online articles and archive.

"Cannor Nursery Online"

An online community and resource for gardeners. Aarticles, plant profiles, eco-gardening tips, gardener's calendar, etc, and gardeners discussion forum.

"Century Rain Aid"

diversified service company, leading full-service wholesale distributor of sprinkler irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, decorative fountain equipment.

"Charles River Farm"

grower of flowering plants for all seasons.

"Cherry Lake Tree Farm"

offering container trees in 150 varieties.

"Cold Composting"

construction of insulated compost containers and composting of kitchen and garden waste in a cold climate.

"Collector's Nursery"

rare and unusual plants: hybrids and foriegn flowers

"Compost System"

info on creating a home compost system, so organic matter will receive air and create suitable temperatures for proper decomposition into fertilizer.


articles and publications from the EPA Office of Solid Waste.

"Composting With Red Wiggler Worms"

Published by City Farmer, Canada s Office of Urban Agriculture.

"Container Garden"

container gardens may be the answer for persons with limited garden space. Information about soil mixes, containers, and more.

"Cornell Composting: Worm Composting Basics"

questions and answers about setting up a worm bin.


garden center online offering plants, tools, gifts, and more, as well as handy gardening advice and articles.

"Daylily Search"

information on daylilies, including: software, catalogs, screen savers, slide shows, books, helpful hints.

"Desert Gardens"

Information on growing cactus and cucculent dish gardens.

"Devon Lake Enterprises, Inc."

makers of ergonomic garden tools, the Clawdia, a hand-held digging, weeding and cultivating tool, and Insta-Fence.

"Dr. Bob s Gardening Tips"

features several articles each month, some seasonally relevant.

"Enchanted Gardens Of The Renaissance"

since man has existed, and, one might almost say, before man existed, there have been gardens.

"Evergreen Gardenworks"

We at Evergreen Gardenworks are dedicated to growing traditional, rare and unusual species of plants for use as bonsai. All of our plants are propagated and grown in the US.

"Garden Guides"

a growing resource for gardeners

"Gardening Archive"

emphasis on plants for a temperate or cold temperate climate

"Gardening at Telperion Productions"

irises, hostas, hardy succulents, and more; photos gallery.


includes a list of British gardens addresses, plant selector, gardening events, discussions, newsletters, shopping and more.


read and write reviews, engage in discussions, share garden photos, and trade in the marketplace.


Australian based gardening site offering value shopping, thousands of products, comprehensive reference, plantfinder, photos, articles and community areas.


homepage for gardentree featuring free garden ideas and solutions, information on perennials, annuals, roses \nlandscaping and landscape design.

"Gifted Gardener"

sprinklers that fertilize your lawn as they water. Gardening tips, discounts and more by joining our newsletter. Articles, garden tours, software.

"Gnostic Garden"

suppliers of entheobotanical seeds, plants and spores.

"Green Gardner"

archived weekly column by Lisa Van Cleef of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"HFC Flowerbulbs"

delivers tulip bulbs to the United States, Europe, and Japan.

"In Harmony Landscaping Services"

earth-friendly, organic-based landscaping and lawncare company offers articles on the benefits of organic landscaping.


international network for bamboo and rattan.

"Jardin d'art & d'essais"

Cecile Maitrot and Stanislas Noel welcome you in Normandie (France) among 4 acres of vegetal exuberance, trading with more than 3000 species.

"Lawn Institute"

homeowner s resource guide to a beautiful lawn.

"Lipinski Landscape and Irrigation Contractors, Inc."

services include residential and commercial landscaping, irrigation, and lighting. Features articles on landscape design.

"National Pond Society"

public service effort and trade mark of the Pond Hobbyist s Learning Center, Roswell, Georgia, dedicated to helping people to be successful pond keepers.

"Northern Groves Bamboo"

provider of hardy bamboo for the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

"Northwest Specialty Nurseries"

A marketplace of Northwest specialty nurseries, garden shops, garden art.

"Nutri-Tech Solutions"

devoted to solving problems by harnessing new technology to improve crop and soil nutrition.

"O Connell Landscape"

landscape management, installation, and maintenance. Articles on deer-safe plants, rose pruning and more.

"Ohioline, Yard and Garden"

Ohio State University Yard and Garden Fact Sheets. Lawns, weed control, insects, landscape and turf image library.

"Organic Farming"

composting and links for small farmers and gardeners.

"Plant Delights Nursery, Inc."

specializes in unusual perennials, including amorphophallus, arisaema, asarum, ferns, hardy palms, helleborus, and more.

"Richters Herbs"

plants and seeds shipped worldwide to home gardeners and commercial herb growers; free color catalog.

"Rot Web"

assist those beginning home composting, by providing how-to information, compost \ndemonstration site listings, a compost booklist, etc.

"Simple Gifts Farm Greenhouses"

specialist plant nursery offering newsletter, FAQs, plant lists, author book sales, and gardening seminars.

"The Burrow"

extensive information from an enthusiastic vermicomposter.

"The Lake Doctors, Inc."

water management services: weed and algae control, fountains, aeration systems for ponds and lakes and more. Several Florida locations. Articles from Florida news.

"The Royal Horticultural Society"

the world’s leading horticultural organisation.

"Thomson Topiaries"

offers a selection of topiary frames and supplies. Classes/demo, news articles, pictures also available.

"Tropica Aquarium Plants"

a Danish nursery for aquarium plants with some 150 different species and a worldwide distribution.

"Turf Equipment Brokers, Inc."

Buy/Sell/Trade resource for landscaping and mowing professionals, lawn monkey software downloads, management resources, articles.

"Utah State University Hydroponics Site"

nutrient solution recipes, general information, links.

"Weed Man"

lawn care franchise opportunities in the US and Canada, products and services, and a library of lawncare info, tools, questions and answers.

"What Is Biodynamic Farming?"

Biodynamic farming was spawned by the late anthroposophist, Rudolf Steiner, and \nhas grown and developed in popularity since 1922.

"What is Biodynamics?"

a new approach to science which integrates precise observation of natural phenomena, clear thinking, and knowledge of the spirit.

"Your Guide to Composting"

describes how to start composting and avoid common mistakes in disposing of household and garden wastes. Includes worm and winter composting information.

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