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"1000 Fountains"
offers a selection of water fountains and accessories, as well as services for web links, custom search, and a help desk.

"A Biblical Herbal"

a reference book for all lovers of herbs. A history of over eighty herbs that have biblical connections. Each entry has a biblical and botanical reference.

"A Lazy Man s Guide to Veggie Gardening"

gardening book for organic gardeners who are lazy, but veggie crazy: tells you how to grow amazing organic veggies in three easy steps.

"A.C. Burke & Company"

catalog for educators, hobbyists, and professionals: hundreds of videos and software programs related to horticulture, agriculture, and nature.

"Abundant Daylilies"

specializing in diploid and tetraploid daylilies for retail and wholesale.

"Aloha Tropicals"

specializing in tropical gingers, heliconias, plumerias, bananas, and more.

"American Bonsai Nursery"

specializing in bonsai trees, pots, soil, tools, and classes, with a selection of finished bonsai trees available for purchase.

"American Nurseryman"

magazine for horticulture and landscape. More than 800 book, video and software items for horticulture professionals and gardening enthusiasts alike.

"Aqua Art"

extensive aquatic koi and garden pond equipment and supply. Consulting, contracting and renovating.

"ArborMaster Training, Inc."

provides educational programs throughout North America, which focus on safety, skill, and productivity training for the tree care industry.

"Arizona Aquatic Gardens"

importing, growing and selling aquatic and tropical plants.

"Artistic Landscapes"

landscape designers specializing in waterfall design and construction offer pond and waterfall kits for sale online.

"Atlantis Hydroponics"

suppliers of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, accessories, complete systems, and lighting.

"Backyard Magic - The Composting Handbook"

environmental education publication produced by the New Brunswick Department of the Environment.

"Backyard Ponds, LLC"

pond installation and service business devoted to the sale of pond supplies.

"Bamboo Australia"

Bamboo Australia, for all things bamboo.

"Bamboo Bambus Zhuzi"

in this site you can find many interesting informations abou bamboo.

"Bamboo Bibliography"

a complete list about the bamboo publications.

"Bamboo Sourcery"

offers many rare species. Online catalog.

"Bamboo World Australia"

nursery and botanical gardens provides propagation, research, and the establishment of a viable edible shoot and timber industry in Australia.

"Boeken over bamboe"

(Books on bamboo) by Peter Meeuws

"Brussel's Bonsai Nursery"

importer and grower of bonsai.

"California Carnivores"

devoted to helping you grow some of the most beautiful and unusual plants in nature.

"Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals"

specializing in orchid species, particularly lesser known. Site has on line listing, ordering, photos, cultural information, and question box.

"Cascade Valley Farms"

flower bulbs by mail - lilies, tulips and more. Online catalog featuring flowers, books, accessories and gifts for gardeners and flower-lovers.

"Casper Publications"

bi-monthly magazine dedicated to hydroponic/soil-less culture and protected cropping techniques.

"Container Gardening for Kids"

written by horticultural goddess, Ellen Talmage.


retailer of pond kits and equipment.

"Creative Waterscapes"

pond and watergarden supplies as well as installation, maintenance and consulting on landscape and water feature design.

"Dan's Garden Shop"

offers untreated vegetable and herb seeds, flower seeds, books, indoor gardening equipment and more.

"Dave's Nursery"

propagator producing and selling grafts of dwarfed, rare, unusual deciduous, and/or conifers.

"David Austin Roses"

We at David Austin Roses like to think that our collection of roses is unique and presents a particular view of all that is best in roses.

"Daylily Search"

information on daylilies, including: software, catalogs, screen savers, slide shows, books, helpful hints.

"Discovering Annuals"

about hardy and half-hardy annuals, and bedding plants. Includes plant descriptions and growing advice.

"Drip Store"

a full service drip irrigation supplier for the homeowner, business, agriculture, and landscape. Newsletters, online forum, links, bookstore, online shopping.

"Earth Foods Books"

books on how to grow an organic garden or how obtaing organic food.

"Easy Compost"

book published by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

"Easy Ponds Inc."

producers of instructional videos on water gardening and pond building.

"Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning"

a video that will teach you to prune your trees the right way.

"Eco Enterprises"

supplier of hydroponic nutrients and supplies, and aquaculture products.

"Enchanted Bonsai Gardens"

provides Bonsai trees and supplies, including tools, food, and ceramic and plastic pottery.

"Equinox Nursery"

specializing in hydroponics, water gardening, fountains and more.

"Floral Art Sales"

Professional floral design centre is the place to learn everything in flower arranging from the basics to advanced and commercial usage for funerals.


offers tulips, narcissus, daffodils, hyacinths, and more.

"Formosa Orchids"

specialize in phalaenopsis and cattleyas.

"G&B Orchid Laboratory & Nursery, Inc."

orchid catalog of tissue culture, chemicals, hormones, glassware, laboratory equipment, HEPA, orchid plants, Mexican and Ecuadorian species, growing and laboratory procedures.

"Garden Diary: A Guide to Gardening in South Florida"

by Robert Haehle and and M.E. DePalma. Features monthly tips for south Florida gardeners, butterfly gardening, and FAQs.

"Garden Retreat"

a place to find gardening friends, profiles of gardens and gardeners, book, software and product reviews, and lots of garden links

"Garden Valley Ranch Nursery"

growers of roses; one of 25 All America Rose Selection Test Gardens.

"Gardener s Source Guide"

Directory of 900 mail-order sources for gardening indoors & outdoors. Available by mail only.

"Gardener's Supply Company"

catalog of gardening tools and supplies including composters, seed starting equipment, greenhouses, fertilizers, and more.

"Gardening in the Cabbage Patch in Fairbanks, Alaska"

collection of gardening articles written for the Fairbanks Daily NewsMiner from March 1983 to April 1984 and put \ninto a small book.

"Gardening Indoors"

a series of books about hydroponics and gardening indoors by George van Patten.

"Gardening Launch Pad"

directory of home gadening resources with over 1400 gardening links in 53 categories.

"Gardening Made Easy"

reference gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a variety of gardens.

"Gardening with the Enemy"

addresses the problem of unwanted rabbits in the garden.


gardening books, software, free download, newsletters and more.

"Graceful Gardens"

offering cottage garden annual and perennial plants, specializing in delphiniums.

"Green Thumb Gardening Hydroponics"

offers a wide variety of hydroponic systems, accessories, and nutrients.

"Greenhouse Gardener s Companion"

information on greenhouse gardening direct from the author with additional links.

"Holland Wildflower Farm"

grows/sells flowers and seeds, specializing in, but by no means limited to, native flowers of the Ozark area.

"How I Made It Myself"

offering greenhouse plans and instructional videotape. Online shopping.

"Impact Worm Farm"

this video includes information on setting up a commercial wormfarm, such as bed construction, worm biology, pest problems, and harvesting.

"Ion Exchange"

offers native Midwest seeds and plants.

"Jerry Baker - Gardening for Life"

books, newsletter, and catalog which features fertilizers, repellents, and supplies for lawn, flower, and garden care.


specializes in cold hardy bamboos, but also sells a few tropicals.

"Just Liners"

factory Direct EPDM, PVC and Polyethylene pond and water garden liners; books.

"Katzi's Exotic Blossoms, Inc."

Specilizing in Plumeria and Orchids.

"Kazzam Nature Center"

Book, gift, and garden store in Patagonia, AZ. Site also includes a list of recent bird, butterfly, and wildflower sightings in the Patagonia area.

"Klehm Growers"

Autumn 1999 Orchid listing.

"KOI Unlimited"

koi, goldfish, aquatic plants, Japanese gardening supplies, books, art, and much more.

"Kokopelli Tree Farm"

fast growing trees for shade, beauty, confort, privacy and windbreak.

"Lasagna Gardening"

by Patricia Lanza. Presents a new system of gardening. Site includes articles and recommendations.

"Lawnmower Troubleshooting and Repair Video"

lawn mover troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance video, from Here s How Video.

"Lewis Bamboo Groves"

grows cold hardy bamboos to add tropical beauty to any landscape and provide privacy screens.

"Living Stones Nursery"

catalog of succulent plants and cacti from deserts around the world.

"Living with Wild Orchid in Sumatra"

unique new book on orchid collecting.

"Maly Bonsai Collection"

indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, planters, and supplies.

"McClure & Zimmerman"

offers tulips, daffodils, and fall flowering bulbs.

"Midwest Arborist Supplies"

source for tree care and pruning supplies, including fertilizer, climbing equipment, micro-injection, cabling and bracing, and anti-transpirants.


Learn how to plan your home landscape projects and follow them through to completion. Affordable landscape management system adds structure to your landscape ideas to create stunning yard, garden, lawn, and flower design.

"Northwest Weekend Gardener Organizer"

a three year planner with gardening hints and organizational aids. E-mail to order.

"Nutriflo Hydroponics Systems"

suppliers of hydroponic, greenhouse and growroom equipment, garden kits, and horticultural lighting for indoors and outdoors.

"Odom's Orchids, Inc."

specializes in Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums, Vandaceous Meristems, and miscellaneous orchids.

"Orchid Species Culture Vols I & II"

written by Charles and Margaret Baker. Offers information about orchid pollination and seed germination.

"Pacific Coast Tropical Gardens"

retailer of seeds of subtropical and tropical ornamentals, fruits, herbs, palms, rare and unusual species; and related books.

"Pacific Orchid, Inc."

importer and exporter of many species, selling retail and wholesale.

"Perfect Ponds"

supplier of pond products: all you need to create a beautiful low maintenance water feature.

"Peter Beales Roses"

a world respected expert on classic roses.

"Peter Pauls Nurseries"

specializes in carnivorous plants and supplies.

"Pinetree Garden Seeds"

provides home gardeners with seeds in appropriately sized packages.

"Planet Natural"

mail order catalog that offers natural products for the home, lawn, and garden.

"Plant America"

produces horticultural-themed software and reference books. Provides searches or listings for plant names, trade shows, associations, other gardening resources.

"Pond Doc"

cleans and maintains ponds, and cares for koi. Join the pond discussion group today.

"Ratcliffe Orchids Limited"

one of the leading Paphiopedilum nurseries in the world.

"Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business"

learn how to start a greenhouse business.

"Select Plus International Nursery"

specialized lilac nursery.

"Serra Gardens Succulents"

wholesale and mail-order nursery with online ordering.

"Shanti Bithi Nursery"

we are a substantial company specializing in Bonsai importing and landscape design.

"SierraHome Gardening"

plant encyclopedia, garden web site directory, Ortho problem solver, forum, bookstore, and more from home productivity software vendor.

"Southland Nursery"

specialize in rare cattleya, orchids and daylilies.

"Spalthoff's Master Gardener Products"

offering lawn seed, vegetable cages, and gardening supplies.

"St. Lawrence Nurseries"

cold hardy fruit and nut trees for northern climates (zone 3 and warmer).

"Stokes Tropicals"

online catalog can be used as both an identification guide and a resource manual for tropical plants like gingers, heliconias, plumerias, bananas, and bromeliads.

"Tea Herb Farm"

seeds, organic produce, and herbs.

"Temperate Bamboo Quarterly"

bamboo books.


dedicated to producing quality products and books for the care of aquariums, ponds and terrariums

"The American Bamboo Society"

This page is designed to introduce you to the ABS and provide "pointers" to additional information about bamboo.

"The Cultivation Station"

offers indoor and outdoor gardening supplies. Also specializes in hydroponic growing products. Online catalog.

"The Pacific Northwest Plant Locator"

lists plants by botanical name and how to find them at Pacific Northwest retail nurseries.

"The Royal Horticultural Society"

the world’s leading horticultural organisation.

"Thomas Etty Esq."

seedman and bulb merchant.

"Timber Press"

online source of books on gardening and horticulture. Newsletters and more.

"Tiny Trees of Colorado"

products include finished bonsai trees, pre-bonsai starters, pots, tools, and accessories.

"Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery"

mail order bamboo specialists: plants, books and hardware.


offers both a catalog of bulbs as well as a searchable directory. Also includes sample gardens and ideas.


website for buying worms, worm bins, worm-related products, and to learn more about vermicomposting and vermiculture.

"Viburnum Gardens"

specialist suppliers of horticulture, garden, cottage garden, rose, British Heritage, educational, special interest videos & CDs. On-line shopping available.

"Waterford Gardens"

water lilies, marginals, ornamental fish, and pond installation and accessories.

"Wayside Gardens"

offers bulbs, perennials, trees, garden supplies and more.

"Weeks Roses"

wholesale rose grower cultivates more than 200 varieties of roses; roses are chosen for their ablity to thrive in all parts of the US.

"Wheatacres Irrigation, Inc."

offering residential and commercial irrigation design and installation. Also sells books and pond supplies.

"Worm Woman s Web Site"

give worm composting a try: here you can find books, videos, worm bins, worms, or more.

"Zone Ten Nursery"

offers exotic, rare and unusual tropical plants for collectors, retail nurseries and landscapers. Mail order available.

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