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"Agropecuaria Hermanos Pacheco"
offering ornamental plant grower and exporter.

"Australian Native Plant Nursery"

Information about nurseries and native plants with sources for the supply of Australian natives.

"Brentano's Tree Farm"

featuring ornamentals, caliper shade trees, grafted liners, seedlings, and more.

"Caringa Enterprises Inc"

hardwood product manufacture, steel pressing and suppliers of quality tea tree seedlings grown from proven high yield Melaleuca alternifolia seed.

"Carolina Pacific International, Inc. (CPi)"

producers and suppliers of Paulownia tree seedlings.

"Citrus Treesource Nursery"

Late navel specialists selling citrus trees, rootstock seed and seedlings.

"Five Star Nursery"

Located at the base of Mt. St. Helens in SW Washington state, Five Star Nursery is a wholesale/retail business specializing in dwarf conifers, Otto Luyken laurel, and grafted maples, from one gallon to specimen size

"Formosa Orchids"

specialize in phalaenopsis and cattleyas.

"Great Lakes Nursery Company"

offers a selection of bare-root seedlings and transplants. Specializes in hard to find woody plants native to Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

"Hi-Gro Silva Nursery Ltd."

Supply tree seedlings for the Cariboo and Central Interior area of British Columbia. Welcome opportunities to produce for any region of Western Canada and the Northwestern United States.

"Hillsview Gardens Orchids"

specializes in masdevallia, miltoniopsis, dracula, and paphiopedilum orchids. Retail and wholesale, with overseas shipping.

"McGuire Evergreen"

promotional seedlings for nursery stock gift baskets, landscape stock, and more.

"Meadow Lake Nursery"

Established as a propagation nursery producing ornamental fruit tree seedlings, liners, and rootstocks for the wholesale nursery trade.

"Meewisse Kwekerijen"

specialize in bromelias and ficuses.

"Mountain Range Nursery"

Situated in the city of Wollongong, Australia. Specializing in the germination and export of Kentia Palms and Norfolk Island Pines. Seedlings exported worldwide.

"Natural Gardening Company"

organic seed and seedling nursery and retail store specializing in tomatoes.

"Needlefast Evergreens Ltd."

Full service tree nursery & Christmas Tree Farm, specializing in seedlings and transplants for nurseries, landscapers, and homeowners.

"New Hampshire State Forest Nursery"

bare-root seedlings for forestry, wildlife and conservation

"Sapling or christmas tree from Hensler Nursery"

Hensler Nursery, specialized in growing bare-root and christmas tree seedlings for landscaping and conservation.


Seedlings and seeds for your home or business.

"Utopia Palms and Cycads"

Nursery selling exotic palms, Cycads, seed and seedlings in Australia and all around the globe.

"West Indies Tea & Spice Company"

Online Ordering. Seeds and seedlings: trees, shrubs, palms, and more. We have the largest and oldest tropical nursery and privately-owned Botanical Garden in the Caribbean. Christiansted, St. Croix.

"Western Maine Nurseries"

wholesalers providing conifer seedlings and transplants.

"Yamamoto Nursery"

We specialize in award quality mericlones and seedlings from quality parents. We offer orchid community pots, seedling size plants, and some blooming size plants.

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